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As it is right now, environment settings ("windlight panel") has two main options: "Use region settings" and "customize my environment." For every-day tasks, it's nice to have one's own day cycle or preferred windlight such as, "Nam's Optimal Skin and Prim" while sandboxing or at home.

However, these specified windlight settings can detract from the feel of a sim with their own estate windlight settings, especially if the sim itself is set to be dark. So, to ensure one isn't missing out on a mood, they must open up this panel, flip it to region settings, and then turn preferred skies back on when they leave.


An optional tick-box on this panel under "Customize my Environemnt." "Let Region Override." Basically, it would mean a user can have a preferred sky/day, but if they go to a themed sim that has estate changed away from "Default," it will change their windlight settings for as long as they are on the sim. If at any time the user arrives at a sim using "Default," it will defer back to their preferred sky and water settings.

"Extra" Suggestion:

Allow per-region saving of personal windlight settings as well. Such as, if the viewer detects I have arrived at "Sandbox Bricker," to automatically switch to a sky/water I have specified for this sim no matter what my preferred sky/day is and no matter what the estate defaults are.




Ash Qin
September 6, 2013, 6:18 PM

This is interesting, I think we should add this functionality into our visuals pane.

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